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Friday, April 28, 2006

The United States of the Americas

Well, it would appear that the Bush plan to merge the US, Canada, and Mexico into one regional government are just about complete. This happening is not the result of some mal-contrived misstep, or some grave oversight on the part of the president, as some conservatives would like to believe, but rather the deliberate, purposeful drive for a regional hegemony of these formerly sovereign nations.
If you are still one of those in doubt of the president's real agenda here, one need only be reminded of Bush's outcries in regards to the Border Project(Minuteman), Alberto Gonzalez and "La Raza", and the unabated stream of millions of illegal aliens that are still pouring into the US in spite of the maelstrom of opposition from a democratic majority of truly "American" citizens.
Let's face it,we have to admit it out loud,each of us, not only to ourselves but to each other. Bush is a left moving liberal,a global communist, an unofficial member of the Tri-lateralist Commission(like father, like son), always has been, always will be. He is a bona fide traitor as has been shown time and time again throughout his administration.Can anyone trust this traitor about anything that he says, or does? Education? Health Care? War on Drugs? 9/11? Homeland Security? National ID cards(Driver's license)? Methinks not.
The Iraq and soon to be the Iran wars. It is absolutely ludicrous to think that we can spread democracy anywhere in the Middle East when we are on the throes of losing our own republic right here at home.Are we to send our children to "die for democracy" in Iraq so that they can come home to communism in America? It is farcical thinking to believe that the man who is responsible for the greatest loss of freedom in the freest nation ever created in human history can accomplish anything of the former anywhere else in the world.
The war on terror. Yet another farce. Both big business, and big government are guilty of being in collusion with the enemy as they intentionally insist on holding our borders wide open to mass migration while "we the sheeple" are subject to increasingly intrusive searches and seizures of our possessions and freedoms in the name of the so-called "patriot acts". Bush constantly praises mainstream Islam as a "religion of peace" while he gives away control of our ports to known terrorist groups.The federal government has dismantled immigration control laws which, if they had been followed, were working quite well. This, of course, has led to the present need to create new laws to address the "crisis" at hand. However, new laws here are unnecessary, and will only serve to increase the ongoing transfer of power from the people to the government.
And just what kind of country are we building anyway? Congress is spending money almost faster than it can be printed. Our kids are going to inherit a debt load that will guarantee them a lower standard of living for at least the next century, and maybe even longer than that. America hating free-loaders are pouring into our country by the millions and placing a tremendous burden on an already over-taxed middle class, which is in danger of extinction even as we speak. This was the very act, by the way,that ultimately brought the Roman Empire to where the barbarians overran the borders and were able to sack Rome in 776 AD.
Do you think that your "conservative" talk show hosts are going to alert you to the truth? When did Bill Bennett inform you that Bush's NCLB is the same United Nations program as it was under the name of "Goals 2000"? When did Michael Savage point out that the architects of the war in Iraq, Bush's closest advisors, belong to the Likud Party?, and as such, has a vested(religious) interest in the destruction of their "natural"(religious) enemy Iraq? And that Bush himself, is descended from a line of Jews going back to the 19th century? I don't listen to Rush myself, too much pomp and posturing for me, but I seriously doubt that he had much to say about "La Raza"(the race) affiliation of Bush's attorney general. Did you ever hear Sean Hannity say anything about Bush's intentions to complete the merger of the Americas into one EU-style regional government? Or Bill O'Reilly tell you that the national ID card was designed by an ex-KGB officer years before 9/11 ever took place? And when did you hear Ann Coulter alert listeners that the US government has already began to build concentration camps across the country for future "dissidents" to the new world order of which Bush is in the forefront in the name of a newly reformed FEMA?
You didn't hear this, and you won't because the mainstream Republican spin machine is too busy berating the "liberals" and celebrating the self destruction of the Democratic party, which is exactly what the administration wants them to do.
They are doing a wonderful job of being the "useful idiots" that are necessary to keep the party faithful right where they need them.
"We the people" are on our own. We must face this hour of crisis with courage.
Consider what will happen when the tens of millions of Mexican nationals and other illegals are given de facto American citizenship through the "guest worker" program that the president is proposing? They will bring their families. They will be in a position to influence politicians to access the rights and privileges that formerly were reserved for those who paid the price of genuine American citizenship. In time they will no longer be willing to work for "guest worker" wages. They will want more, and who will pay the bill? Waving the Mexican flag, re-writing The Pledge of Allegiance, and The Star-spangled Banner, they will work to remake the US in their own image. We are already at a disadvantage as hate crime laws are stacked against Americans. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and all of the traditional rights represented by English Common Law are under attack by a so-called "conservative" government and administration. Hard won limits against government abuse such as Habeas Corpus, and Mens Rea are disappearing. Our government now openly spies on its own citizens with impunity. Richard Nixon was impeached for a lesser crime in 1974 than what George Bush considers to be within the context of the parameters of his job in 2006. We used to consider such activity as something only communist governments would do. Do you remember what "conservatism" meant in the 60's when Barry Goldwater ran for president? What is there left of that to conserve now?
And then the so-called "Patriot Act". Could there ever be a name more wrongly, and insultingly applied to such a thing? Jefferson and Adams are crying out from their graves. Rushed into law before most members of Congress could even read it, it has become the final death knell to what remains of the Constitution. And as bad as it already is,this act was just the previews of things to come as we enter the era of the first American dictator.If you have never read George Orwell's "1984" now would be a good time if you want to get a picture of just where all of this is headed.
What can real "patriots" do? Well, you could help to convince your congressmen to begin impeachment preceedings against the president. You could join the Minutemen Project, the Free State Project, and/or the Christian Exodus if you are so inclined. You should be homeschooling your children, and that is whether you decide to send them to public school or not. There is too much lacking these days from even a good public program to neglect the importance of this fact. I teach, I know. You need to start voting for people instead of parties. Forget about the impossibilities of them being elected or not. Of course, this will require more familiarity with the core issues, and with "reality" itself than the mainstream media wants you to have. When you start to pay homage to truth rather than their lies, they will have no choice but to follow. To pay homage to truth is hard work, make no mistake about it. It has, and ever will be, "on the scaffold".
But in the end, there is no substitution for it. In short, you need to define what the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence mean to you so that you know where your own heart lies. Then you must be prepared to take action. "On April the 18th of "75" hardly there is a man alive that remembers that fateful day..." so goes the words of that famous poem that immortalized the midnight ride of the "real" American patriot Paul Revere.
He rode, as I do now, to warn the "real" patriots of the imminent threats that were looming against the liberties of men. I can see the clouded breath of the valiant steed, and hear his hoofbeats in the midnight air. I can feel the tightness in his chest as the rider encounters the British patrols sent to stop him from delivering his fateful warning. I can hear the urgency in his voice as he approaches each village and town that they might prepare for the break of the dawn that was to come. A day that "the shot heard 'round the world" was fired. And though we be few, like the patriots of those times perched behind stone walls firing through the sparse greenery of a New England spring, we can make each shot count, and be reminded of the cost of freedom.
But before you do any of these things, and I cannot emphasize this point strongly enough, you must make a personal confession. You must say:"I denounce this present situation as unconscionable, and unworkable." That doesn't sound too hard to do, does it? But can you really do it? Can you criticize Bush as easily, and as strongly as you do the Clintons and "Weird' Howard? If you can, the need has never been greater. Then can you stand up to the lackeys and liars of the Republican party who trumpet the virtues of conservatism, but lack the courage to stand and deliver? Will you risk alienation, your reputation, stands against the "taxation without representation" provided by the IRS, and "put on the whole helmet of freedom" by arming yourself with the truth, and not just the superficiality and froth that the mainstream media dishes out for public consumption? Will you take a stand behind the wall with the few "real" patriotic leaders that remain in Washington, men like Ron Paul(R-Texas) by taking the time and effort it takes to rightly identify them as true champions of liberty regardless of their party affiliation?
If conservatives cannot admit out loud, right now to everyone in the world, that most of our government, including the president are in fact traitors to America, then we don't stand a chance of "keeping the republic", and we don't deserve to.
Are you brave enough to admit what you already know by seeing what is painfully obvious right in front of you right here, right now?
That the emperor has no clothes.
Power to the People. The Revolution will not be televised.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Retro-post - Happy Blogoversary, Sage!

I'm pre-dating this post in honor of my blogson (who's about ten years my senior) The Old Sage for the one-year anniversary of his joining the blogosphere.

The actual date of this post is April 27. I was late for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was a long tour in Atlantic City that ate up a lot of my blogging time ... and my thoughts ... and my family time. Even my blog saw a big drop in readership during this time, just because I wasn't around much to maintain it. Living out of a suitcase takes its toll.

Anyway, Sage, I hope you will accept this belated blogoversary wish, and may I also wish you many more. Keep those opinions flowing. Maybe the Libertarians will start to pay you for them - HAHAHAHHAHAHA.