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Thursday, March 09, 2006

National Insecurity

Much has been made recently of giving a United Arab Emirate company control of at least twenty-one major US ports.It doesn't take a lot of brains for anyone to see the enormous potential for the Islamic leaders of the UAE to use their control of US ports to aid in the destruction of the US economy and infrastructure of American society by the shipping of containers to US ports holding supplies, and terror agents loyal to AlQaeda,Hamas,Hezbollah,Islamic jihad and others of their ilk. The reason for this well founded concern are based on the close ties and loyalties of UAE's leadership to Islamic terrorism and extremist groups.UAE's leaders are also close to Osama Bin Laden,fully recognize the Taliban, and fund the terror group Hamas.The UAE's president and his father have been at the forefront of their own declared "economic jihad" waged against the economies of the West including the US. Their financial center was used for the financing of the 9/11 hijackers. The question that must immediately come to be asked here is, how could this information have escaped the scrutiny of the National Security Administration and, ultimately the president? He can only be seen in this instant as really naive, or part of an incredible conspiracy to bring down his own country.The former is unacceptable, the latter is treasonous, the implications are startling. Lets have a look. It seems the UAE center in question was also connected to the same drug, arms, and money laundering schemes of the American-Turkish Council by FBI translator Sibel Edmonds. President Bush protected, and covered up his own involvement with UAE leaders and the American Turkish Council to help carry out 9/11.Bush deftly blocked testimony and information about the UAE and American-Turkish Council from getting into Congressional and Commission reports on 9/11 by having Edmonds gagged on the pretense of "revealing US states secrets".You may remember the missing twenty-eight pages Mr.Bush had removed? The plot thickens.
The foremost ally of UAE, Iran,and other Islamic terror states is Communist China who already has unprecedented access to US ports and shipping via the Chinese Ocean shipping Company(COSCO).COSCO controls the Panama Canal, trucks freight on US highways, and has access to the Long Beach shipyard and port.Inside the US, Chinese agents provide surveillance training, money,weapons, and safe haven to Bin Laden, and other members of various terrorist groups,which may explain why we have been unable to apprehend him as of this writing.COSCO already has the same ability as the UAE may yet get to bring supplies,weapons,and terrorist agents into the US via the ports, and their trucking fleets which explains why Bush was surprised at the uproar over the handing over of the eastern seaboard to the UAE. China hired a public relations and lobby firm (APCO) to ensure that COSCO continues to get favored treatment by Congress at the request of President Bush. This will allow COSCO continued unfettered access to US ports and shipping.What follows is a quote from APCO's own website concerning this effort. "COSCO faced a series of complex challenges harming its reputation and ability to compete in the US marketplace. In addition, the company suffered from unfounded(not true), and negative perceptions(true and warranted)(we're talking Red China here!) among US policymakers, and the media who viewed it as a state-owned company(it is) that violated market principles(which, of course all communists do) and acted on behalf of the Chinese government(which, if it is came from China would be obvious as there would be no other option in a totalitarian state).APCO engaged with key decision makers in the US Congress, and other federal agencies to build a support mechanism.APCO also created arguments to justify COSCO's request for an exemption from certain trade laws, and that would reposition the company in the eyes of policymakers, and the media.Apparently the bullshit tactics worked. The US government, at the request of the president, agreed to exempt COSCO from existing laws discriminating against state-owned(Chinese) shipping companies.As a result of the Republican spin machine, and other useful fools, media coverage of the company continues to be positive, and focused only on its business, trade, and other economic successes. The company continues to be well-regarded by the US Congress, federal transportation agencies,the maritime community, and the trade media. Were it not for the president's unbelievably poor choice of the UAE to continue the transfer of power, and the public outcry that has followed as a result,little if any further light would have come to this atrocity.
The Bush, and Rice so-called "war on terror' is a failure because it was designed to be a failure. The proof of this has been made painfully obvious in the president's insistence even to the point of veto of any opposition to the virtual handing over of the eastern seaboard to a known terrorist affiliated entity.They have refused every plea, and have ignored every opportunity to secure the borders of this country.One can only be left with the conclusion that they are either very naive, or in collusion with the enemies of America.Bush and Rice have not only refused to block China's and the UAE's support of terrorists around the world, they have also protected, and facilitated China's and the UAE's support of these terrorists by arrogantly shoving the COSCO, and UAE port and shipping deals down the throats of Congress and the American people. And as has been consistent with the Bush family, brother Prescott(HW Bush) as Chairman of the US-Chinese Chamber of Commerce(how convenient) has been very active in helping APCO promote COSCO and Chinese illegal espionage in the US. As a result, China has been using their agents to operate more than three thousand espionage "front" companies in the US to obtain US military and industrial secrets at national laboratories around the country. The FBI has publicly reported this fact repeatedly as far back as the first term of the Bush Administration, but the wily fox has used Robert Mueller,and Alberto Gonzales intentionally, and illegally to block the FBI,and the DOJ from pressing cases and taking known agents of Hezbollah, Alqaeda, and Hamas off of US streets.Bush and Rice have consistently refused to carry out the recommendations of their own party to stop Chinese agents of espionage from carrying out their agendas in the US. The Cox Report, which was issued in the aftermath of the 1998 "Chinagate" is filled with revelations of Chinese access to and theft of US nuclear missile secrets. Even though those revelations came out during the Clinton years, the policies to transfer the tech secrets were put into place by none other than President HW Bush. Maybe that is the real reason why they have been such good asshole buddies lately! Rice became a co-conspirator when she worked closely with Chinese army and intelligence at Stanford.
The fact is both Bush and Rice make the same dishonest, knowingly false lies to defend their hands-off policy for the promotion of COSCO as they make to defend their promotion of the UAE port deal: "China and the UAE are both allies of the US in the war on terror and in nuclear negotiations with terror states like North Korea and Iran." These statements could not be farther from the truth because China, like the UAE, is involved in the ongoing development of both Iran and North Korea's nuclear programs, and are assisting Hezbollah, Alqaeda, and, yes, even Osama Bin Laden.This also explains why we haven't got him and never will until it becomes "politically expedient". North Korea, acting on behalf of China, is currently providing the plutonium for Iran's nuclear aspirations, which will soon become the next part of "the long war" as it has been called by Bush. To add insult to injury, China is also presently collaborating with North Korean agents in the US toward this end.By the way, they got into this country via COSCO thanks to the influence of the hands-off policies of our want-to-be tyrant George W. Bush.
Only the "mingling of the blood of tyrants and patriots" can save us from what is to come,"the chains of slavery have been wrought, I can hear them clanging on the streets of Boston..." The Revolution will not be televised

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Coming American Dictatorship

President George W. Bush has signed executive orders giving him sole authority to impose martial law,suspend habeas corpus(he already has) and ignore the Posse Comitatus Act that prohibits deployment of U.S. troops on American streets. The full implementation of this would give him absolute dictatoial power over the government with no checks and balances.
Bush discussed imposing martial law on American streets in the aftermath of of 9/11 by activating"national security" iniatives put in place by Ronald Reagan during the 1980's.
These "national security iniatives" came by way of controversial Marine Colonel Oliver North, one of the key players in the Iran-Contra Scandal.
The initiatives charged the Federal Emergency Management Agency with administering executive orders that provide for the suspension of the Constitution, implementation of martial law, establishment of national internment camps, and the turning over of all functions of government to the President.
John Brinkerhoff, deputy director of FEMA, developed the implementation of the martial law plan to battle a potential national uprising of black militants. The plan called for the jailing of at least two million African Americans. Brinkerhoff later admitted in an interview with the Miami Herald that President Reagan signed off on the initiatives and they remained in place dormant until George W.Bush took office.
Brinkerhoff has provided the Bush Administration and the Pentagon with talking points supporting "revised national security initiatives" that would allow the imposition of martial law, and the suspension of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. This act implicitly forbids the use of troops for domestic law enforcement.
Brinkerhoff wrote that the purpose and intention of Posse Comitatus have been "misapplied and misunderstood", and that the government has in times of national emergency the "full and absolute authority" to send troops into American streets to "enforce order and maintain the peace".
The issue here,the way I see it is that this president has made several public statements about "wishing this was a dictatorship because it would be easier to rule". The people of the United States under the guise of 'homeland security" have lost more freedom under his "rule" than at any other time in American history.The opportunity has never been better for getting rid of "that goddamn piece of paper". The transfer of power would be complete, the cycle would be finished, and his name would be quite appropriately, King George III. I think its time to sound the alarm!
The Revolution will not be televised.