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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Just a Lull ... Don't Sweat It

RWR checking in here ...

Sage and I have been pretty busy with the end of the school year. Hopefully, you don't mind our extremely light posting of late. I am trying to keep up with my every-other-day posting over at RightWingRocker, but I'm just getting by with that.

We really wanted to get around to things involving the "Constitutional Option", but work comes first, and it just didn't happen. Of course, there will certainly be more opportunities to comment on that issue, especially with the Bolton situation and some possible openings on the Supreme Court.

Hopefull we can get something up here soon!


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Delftsman Does Some Homework

I'd comment on this, but I'm on my way out, and I'm going to be pretty busy.

Check this out, by Delftsman, regarding unconstitutional spending.

Maybe Sage can work a post on it.


Friday, May 13, 2005

New Deal/Real Deal

Opportunity always arises from crisis. There is no better example of this than the coming collapse of the Social Security System. The opportunity that I'm referring to has arisen from the failure of the government to deal honestly with the people, and realistically with the program itself.

Theoretically speaking, Social Security and Medicare are supposed to be supported by payroll taxes and FICA,while general spending by the federal government is supposed to be supported by personal, and corporate income taxes.Throughout their history, FICA taxes have provided more than was required by Social Security payouts,leaving an excess of money. Congress, as usual, being unable to control its appetite for"pork", borrowed(read:misappropriated) from this account to fund any pet project that they wanted that went in excess of what was made available to them by general taxation. As a result, the Social Security Trust Fund is now filled with IOU's from Congress that need to be repaid from the general fund.

As Baby Boomers reach retirement age, this scam must come to an end. It may yet go down in history as"their finest hour" (I am one among them). Any excess funds remaining from FICA income are drying up,and will be gone by 2018. After that date, those IOU's will become due and payable immediately.

They will, of course, have to be paid from the general fund which will require the federal government to choose one of two possible options-they will either have to run up a surplus in the general fund, forcing them to cut government spending, or they will have to raise large sums of money via raising taxes in order to pay back those IOU's. Not liking either fiscal responsibility or accountability, they will not desire either of these options, however, there will be no other choice.

So,the federal government has built for itself a gilded cage. Inevitably, by the sheer size of it,Social Security obligations are going to squeeze out a great deal of the available money in general funding. And make no mistake about it, re-paying those IOU's are a government obligation, and not a hand-out, a sort of reverse I.R.S tax, (I like that!) if you will. As a result, the size of government will be reduced whether Congress likes it or not. (they won't)

The people are also going to have to get used to fewer goodies from the "nanny state". They will need to learn to do more for themselves without asking the government to do it for them. And there is nothing but good news here! The sooner, the better. Amen.

We have not had an opportunity like this to return real power to the people in my lifetime. Once again, I find myself indebted to President Bush for handing this goodie to us on a silver platter.(I'm really trying to love that man) His plan for Social Security Reform is to gradually phase out Social Security with compulsory personal investment for retirement. While I do have some reservations about this method, especially for the long term, and the underlying motives of its principle initiators(see'Corporate Communism"), I still truly believe that this is one for"we the people" if we see it in its best light.

Of course,"compulsory" anything goes against my libertarian principles, and the constitutionality of any government program can always be argued.But I do think the right course of action is to support the president on this one. We can talk about "tweaking" the particulars later.

This is how I think it will work. When FICA funds are diverted into these personal accounts for younger people, money will be removed from the Social Security System, and thus will bring its day of reckoning closer even than the projected date of 2018. It will also increase the need for the general fund to repay its obligations to retirees still in the system. The borrowing that will be necessary for the transition will use up all of the government's ability to fund itself. Quite simply, Congress willbe forced to live within its means, and government will begin to shrink. The only"mosquito wing"on the track that could possibly derail the train would be additional taxation from the federal government. We can, and should "head them off at the pass" by supporting real tax reform that will come by replacing income and payroll taxes with a national retail sales tax. In order to make Americans more resistant to any attempts to put off the collapse of Social Security with higher taxation.

I believe we have a small window of opportunity here. Yes, I still have concerns as I stated earlier in this text, however, this is a genuinely golden opportunity to move this country in the direction that it was originally intended to go.

If we"damn the torpedoes",and take this opportunity to transform the country's retirement system from a tax supported entitlement to a private investment, and at the same time bring clarity and fairness to our system of taxation, we can leave our kids with a world that rightly may be called "the land of the free, and the home of the brave".

The Revolution will not be televised.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Condi Rice on the Second Amendment

Hat tip to BC Imperial Torturer at the Rott for finding this ... has this piece today about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and what she thinks of the Second Amendment. Go read it. It's quite enlightening.

From personal experience, Dr. Rice clearly shows that it is sometimes necessary to take up arms to defend oneself and family. The police may not be there, or they may not be willing to help.

Dr. Rice was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1954. When she was about 9 years old, Birmingham was the site of a series of awful terrorist attacks by the White Knight Riders (read that Ku Klux Klan and Robert Byrd), in which her father and others had to take up arms to defend themselves against these thugs, who bombed a church there in 1963. Without easy access to these weapons, Dr. Rice doesn't believe for a minute that her father and his friends would have been able to defend themselves.

Rice said the Founding Fathers understood "there might be circumstances that people like my father experienced in Birmingham, Ala., when, in fact, the police weren't going to protect you."

"I also don't think we get to pick and choose from the Constitution," she said in the interview, which was taped for airing Wednesday night. "The Second Amendment is as important as the First Amendment."

Right on the money, Dr. Rice. Now will someone please go tell Senator McCain how important the First Amendment is? I think he forgot.


Sunday, May 08, 2005

Paul Jacob on the First Amendment

I posted on this over at my blog as well, but due to the Constitutional implications of the article, it seemed important that it be reiterated here.

Paul Jacob hit this one out of the park. In fact, he hit it so far I doubt anyone will get to keep the ball as a souvenir.

Let this be fair warning for Congress. McCain-Feingold is a blatant repeal of the First Amendment. Americans will not stand for this. To quote the humble Old Sage, "The Revolution will not be televised!"


Friday, May 06, 2005

Corporate Communism

In spite of my record to the contrary,I do like to give President Bush credit for his achievements as often as I can. I believe he is to be commended for placing the responsibility for providing for ones own retirement in the hands of the individual via privatizing, and I heartily endorse his efforts to encourage Americans to"take the power back" from
big government at every opportunity.I also have to give the president credit for deftly using a free-market spin to sell his idea,while in fact screwing us using the old"bait and switch" concept.

It seems the old "Skull and Bonesmen" have grown bored with simply lobbying for increased taxes,and government spending to fill their pockets
and control us with our own money. Now the plan is to"allow" you to put your money into a so-called"private' account. A private account that will
be used for purchasing shares in the stock market. And just whose shares will we be purchasing, pray tell? Why, the good old Yale boys,of course!
You can bet that this won't only be in the best interests of the depositor
(ie.victim),and like the present system,conveniently,won't be available for withdrawal at the time of its,or your,maturity.

You know,when socialism is privatized, don't you think it deserves a new
name,one that complements its increased status? How does "Corporate Communism"sound? The Revolution will not be televised.