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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stand your ground

Florida has a new law that gives legal protection to someone who shoots another person as long as the shooter feels threatened or is attacked. This is very good news for all of those who support the second amendment. Florida's "stand your ground "law, which went into affect last month says that citizens are no longer obligated to retreat from an attack if they are somewhere they have a legal right to be such as their home, or a public street.A shooter will also receive immunity from prosecution so long as the person shot is not a police officer, which, I believe is an unfortunate glitch in what otherwise appears to be a people-empowering legal victory.The Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence has responded by warning visitors to "not argue unecessarily with local people or make threatening gestures". Brady spokesman Peter Hamm says that this law "could cause the most aggressive people in society to overreact". It would seem to me that these folks have totally missed the point here and I'm not talking about the gun point either! They have missed the fact that most violent crimes are committed by "aggressive"people and they are usually the ones with the guns! They will now need to think twice before they stick a gun in someone's face because that someone might send them to meet their maker! Now, if the state of Florida can just pass a law requiring every able-bodied,and minded person to carry a gun and use it when needed they just might "take a bite outta crime" in the Sunshine State!
The revolution will not be televised.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Growing the garden of government

It has been twenty-five or so years ago since I first heard the American political system described as a "welfare state". I was stunned by the realization that this might be in fact the sad truth about the state of affairs in this country. But now it is obvious that my worst fears had already been realized even then at the dawning of the Reagan years.

Our political system consists of an "axis of evil" in the persons of two cooperating gangs masquerading as political parties creating theater for the media,while they go about their real business of stealing working Americans blind. For our purposes, we shall call these gangs "the war party",and the "welfare party".

The war party recently started two wars, and is threatening to start more. The welfare party supports these wars because their polling indicates that opposing them might adversely affect their chances of getting what they really want; control of the 2.5 trill per year federal money spigot.

Despite what either of them say,they both use welfare,and warfare for fertilizer to grow the garden of government. The cancerous non-stop growth of government over the last sixty years documents clearly how successful these gangs have been.

The revolution will not be televised.